A Brief Guide to Using the Thing to do Stuff

Today I planned on telling my friends and family to subscribe to my RSS feed so I no longer need to mercilessly spam their Facebooks with update posts when I had a realization.  Although it's incredibly easy to find my RSS feed near the bottom of every post, it occurred to me that a fair portion of those interested (all 3 of them) might not  have the easiest time figuring out how to subscribe.  I figure if you're nice enough to give a crap when I post something new, the least I can do is try and simplify the process.  

What is an RSS feed?  RSS is a doodad that nearly instantaneously notifies you that I have added content to my blog.  I mean, I suppose you could use it elsewhere as well, but that's crazy talk.

Okay, why do I care?  Trust me, seeing me post nothing but site updates on Facebook multiple times a week will get old fast.  This way those that actually WANT to see every update can, and the rest of my Facebook friends can go back to receiving the morose vaguebooking status updates they expect from me.

Sold!  How do I do the thing?  Well here's the guide section of this guide.  While there are plenty of good RSS readers, I think the easiest and most unobtrusive method is via browser extension.  

If you use Chrome, I recommend The RSS Aggregator.

Firefox:  Either use the built in Live Bookmarks feature, or Brief.

Safari: I can only guess here, as testing such things would be more work than I want to do(which means any), but try this guide.

Internet Explorer: Please, download literally any other browser. 

If you don't know what browser you use, or just REALLY like Internet Explorer, just e-mail me or leave me a comment and we'll get you set up.  Hopefully.  

Okay, now what?  Just click below!

That's it, you'll be notified whenever I update!  Whee!  Feel free to comment if you use a better RSS reader, or just don't understand a damn thing I wrote.