The State of Affairs: Reality

Oh, hello Internet land! I know it probably seemed like I completely forgot about this website, but I can assure you that's not the case. It's just that after my last update, I REALLY wanted to post something that was positive. Astounding, even! Unfortunately, this is the real world and nobody wins the lottery. Well, not literally… But I'm willing to assume you haven't and neither have I.

One of the reasons I was so amped up last update was that I had an in to a large publisher and made my first pitch. Something in my brain told me that this was it, I was going to nail it on my try. Which is strange, because if you've read the introductory post here on Nathan Writes Things, you'll note that I have a fairly firm grasp on the odds of getting published at all, much less after your first pitch. Despite that I somehow still thought that I was going to be the exception. There has to be a term for that in the writing community… I can't have been the only person ever think they were a special and talented snowflake.

The worst part is that even though I knew it was a crazy long shot, I still find myself feeling strangely dejected and am having difficulty writing. So instead of plugging away at another chapter of the book, here I am bemoaning this completely predictable and to the expected situation. I said I would keep semi-regular updates on whole publishing adventurer, so this entry was inevitable. At least I got it out of the way early?

In other news, I hope to be planning my annual writer's retreat to Cape Cod the next week or two. For whatever reason I can crank out a ridiculous amount of chapters (for me anyway) while there. If I had to guess, I would assume it's due to the change in routine. Or maybe just scenery, I don't know. Whatever it is, it's incredibly helpful and a damn fun time on top of it.

Near where I stay.   Source:

Near where I stay. 

So it is that's all for today, folks. Tomorrow or the next day I'll post another sample from the book. Um, yeah I guess that's it.